Youth Sunday May 22

Morning Prayer at 10 AM. Young people will assist at the service, and all will receive a blessing and recognition of their participation at St. Clement’s during the program year.

Our CYF minister Amy Avery will preach, and there will be refreshments for all after the service.


News and notes for the week, with the Rev. Bruce D. O’Neill. Key point: Movie Group will be online on May 22! Email the church office for the Zoom link.

May 15 holy eucharist

The Fifth Sunday of Easter
An excerpt of the service at St. Clement’s

Bishop’s Visit April 24

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Marc Handley Andrus preaching and presiding.

worship services Sundays 10 AM

We require vaccination against COVID-19 for everyone age 12 and over who attends in person.

Email a photo of your vaccine card or a screenshot of your California Digital Vaccine Record QR code to the office beforehand ( or bring it to show at the door.

You only need to show proof of vaccination the first time you come, not every Sunday.

2837 Claremont Blvd. in Berkeley, between Russell and Avalon.

online worship

For those who are worshiping with us from home, we record a portion of the service and make the video available mid-week. See above for the gradual hymn, Gospel reading, and sermon from last Sunday’s service.

children’s chapel

Children’s Chapel for May 22, with Children, Youth and Family Minister Amy Avery

Videos from our Holy Week Services:

Palm Sunday

The Gospel reading, one hymn, and sermon by the Rev. Bruce O’Neill

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

We are a multi-generational, inclusive Christian community that has served as a spiritual home for people of faith for over one hundred years. St. Clement’s is located at the corner of Claremont Boulevard and Russell Street in Berkeley, California. The church is just below the iconic Claremont Hotel, and is about one mile south of the main campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

St. Clement’s is an Episcopal Church and is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of California. We are blessed to represent The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement and are proud to include members of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and previous faith backgrounds.

We are located at:
2837 Claremont Boulevard
Berkeley, California 94705

Contact us at, or leave a message at (510) 843-2678.